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El Cheapo was founded in 1999 when two plumbers Robert Cooper Sr. and his son Robert Jr. started buying equipment for use in their family's plumbing business. Once the first lifts had been purchased they new that they could be successful renting the equipment. All they needed was a name. It was one day while ordering some ball valves the pipe and supply clerk asked if they wanted the domestic nib-co valve or the el cheapo nib-co valve, that while manufactured in Mexico is the same thing, but half the price. The choice was easy, and fit in perfectly with the owner's vision. Get a great deal buying quality equipment and rent it for less than the competition. So from then on the companies name has been El Cheapo Lifts. First of all because it is funny and second of all because we believe in buying quality equipment and renting it to contractors who want to get their work done but also love a great deal.

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